Anyone can Take the “Next Step” on their Journey of Faith

To this end for both children and adults – Seagull Cottage is dedicated space for the Chapel’s “Center for Spiritual Inquiry”.

The Center for Spiritual Inquiry in Palm Beach frames from a Christian perspective a safe space where serious theological and spiritual questions will be considered. It will offer courses where those of the surrounding area can continue their search for God. Its programs and purpose will be to probe the meaning of faith in an age of violence, diversity and uncertainty. It will allow those of a variety of faith traditions to explore through a Christian lens such questions and topics as:

  • Is God both Sovereign and Good
  • Why is there such horrific evil in the world?
  • Is there Life after Death?
  • How Does Prayer Work?
  • What can Christians, Muslims and Jews do together to enhance brother and sisterhood?
  • The Coherence and Relevance of Old Testament Wisdom
  • Paul’s Letter to the Romans: A Panorama of the Gospel
  • Finding the Will of God: Discipleship or Divination?
  • How Can the Gospel be Influential for Children and Youth and their Parents?

Since its founding, the Chapel has been a non-denominational spiritual center; and is today a post-denominational congregation. It is a spiritual center where people can grow in a variety of faith traditions to probe the deepest questions of life and faith.

The Chapel and Sea Gull Cottage will house and offer the most unique setting and community of faith in the Palm Beachs where individuals may learn of, better appreciate and gain deeper respect for the faith traditions of others.

100, 200 and 300 Level Courses, topics in Bible, Theology, Arts and Literature and Practical Christianity will be taught by Dr. Norris, as well as guest faculty, renowned pastors and noted theologians.