Capital Campaign

Restoration of Seagull Cottage
The restoration of Seagull Cottage is complete and this beautiful building is being put to wonderful use by the Chapels Youth Programs, Bible Studies, Music Programs, and local  community. We thank God for the loyal support of those who have given to this important  project and those who still are committed to doing so.

However, our goal has not yet been reached and we still need your help!  In your planning for the end of 2010 please keep the Chapel and this project in your hearts and prayers.

Kiebach Gardens Restoration
In Christendom, there is a long tradition of beautiful cloistered gardens being connected  to churches for meditation, contemplation and community enhancement. So it is very natural that the Chapel now move to fully utilize the gracious indigenous lakeside landscape that  surrounds this historic space augmenting the beautiful and functional restoration of Seagull Cottage

It is time to cultivate appreciation and the fullest appropriation of the Olivia Kiebach Garden, the Great Lawn that includes the signature tree of Palm Beach, the Giant Kapok Tree, and the natural tranquil lakeside beauty of the Royal Poinciana Chapel grounds. To do so, it is my and the Chapel Board of Directors desire to create the most unique outdoor garden imaginable for worship, personal meditation and multiple seasonal celebrations.” Dr. Robert S. Norris

The lovely garden surroundings will expand the Chapel’s ministry by offering a dedicated and memorialized place for worship, columbarium committal services, Chapel and family celebrations, photographic settings, weddings, marriage vow renewals, personal quiet contemplation and even active play space for children on the Great Lawn and under the boughs of the Giant Kapok Tree. Work has begun and you can look out back and see the transformation take place before your eyes.  We still have garden areas available for you to dedicate to a loved one, family or special person.

Help us complete the renovation of the gardens through your gifts. We are almost at our goal!

Chapel Restoration
If you haven’t noticed already please take special note of the changes occurring within Fellowship  Hall and the Sanctuary. Fellowship Hall has been repainted and the rugs are getting repaired and  rebound. This year’s Fellowship Hour will be a special gathering place with a refreshed Hall and  the TerraceGardens out back.

The Sanctuary is getting a face lift too. New Wainscot surrounds the outer walls, fresh paint,  refinished floors and new carpet will enhance this space and give it the update it needed.  Much of the work is already done as we prepare for the season ahead.

Contact us today to find out how you can contribute to our Capital Campaigns.